Dental care –  Our treatments.

Dental care –
Our treatments.

We do not compromise in matters of your oral health.

We offer the greatest care for every treatment, together with genuine service, and we unite modern technology with the knowledge of our team of experts.

Our treatment concept?

The sustainable application of modern dentistry – in minimal intervention with maximum effect. We offer you more than just the best possible treatment, we offer you one that is a gentle as possible. We consider a gentle procedure a priority, not just for children or phobic patients, but also for everybody.

Our practice concept covers the consistent implementation of modern dentistry by experienced experts. With digital procedures, high-tech equipment and customised treatment, we at EVIDENS are setting new milestones for the holistic care of patients.

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High quality for your health: our range of services.

At EVIDENS, we treat people of every age across the whole spectrum of modern dentistry. With sensitivity and the latest generation of technology, we offer our patients holistic and progressive treatments. Every treatment is founded on comprehensive consultation and explanation in advance. At EVIDENS, we always have plenty of time for any questions, worries or wishes – just talk to us!

Tooth preservation –
healthy teeth for the long tern.

Helping you keep your own teeth as long as possible – that’s our aim at EVIDENS. We make every possible effort to ensure that our patients can face the future smiling with confidence . With high-quality care and treatment, we can achieve long-term, sound oral health at any age. 

Professional check-ups and thorough preventive care, in which we for example evaluate your individual risk of tooth decay or periodontitis, are the foundation of our treatment. With modern filling materials and ceramic reconstruction, we can use careful and sustainable methods to help you keep your teeth until well into old age.

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Our services for preserving your teeth:

  • Check-ups
  • Emergency treatment
  • Fillings
  • Ceramic reconstruction
  • Root canal treatments
  • Periodontitis treatment
  • Tissue formation (bones and gums)
  • Tooth protection for sports persons and those who grind their teeth

Dentures –
for a firm bite.

You can recognise high-quality dentures by the way that they do not get noticed – either by you yourself or by other people. A highly precise adjustment to your bite gives your dentures a totally natural feel and appearance. 

At EVIDENS, we offer you high-quality, minimally invasive reconstruction: crowns, bridges and a wide range of dentures – customised by experts to meet your own individual needs.

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Our services for high-quality dentures:

  • Modern dental implants
  • Computer-controlled implantation
  • Crowns & bridges
  • Dentures
  • Dental transplants
  • Tissue formation (bones and gums)
  • Periimplantitis treatment

Dental aesthetics – for radiant, beautiful teeth.

At EVIDENS, we are convinced that beautiful teeth are an option at any age. In our dental practice, we offer you a number of options for optimising the shape and colour of your teeth. 

With highly efficient and at the same time careful bleaching, we can gently brighten your teeth and give your smile a very natural and perfect aesthetic appearance. 

We achieve individual shape adjustment with minimally invasive, ceramic reconstructions such as for example veneers / wafer-thin ceramic overlays. Make your appointment now at EVIDENS and ensure maximum aesthetic appeal for your smile with minimally invasive methods of modern dentistry.

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Our service
for beautiful teeth:

  • Bleaching
  • Minimally invasive, ceramic reconstructions
  • Veneers / lumineers
  • Corrective gum treatments

Oral surgery – minimally invasive & gentle treatments.

If a dental operation is required, it is important to ensure that it is carried out professionally and with high precision. Our EVIDENS team is composed of specialists with many years of experience, who study continually to expand their knowledge. 

In this way, we ensure outstanding dental care, always following the state of the art knowledge and implemented with precision and sensitivity by experienced hands in our modern practice.

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Our gentle operations for healthy teeth:

  • Oral surgery operations
  • Tissue formation (bones and soft tissues)
  • Aesthetic operations
  • Wisdom teeth
  • Jaw cysts
  • Apical surgery (dental root apex resection)
  • Orthodontic anchorage (implants, plates, screws)
  • Surgical wiring
  • Dental transplants
Oral surgery

Paediatric dentistry – for healthy children’s laughter.

Your own dental health is something you can’t learn about early enough. Particularly in childhood, it is possible to set the decisive course for life-long dental health. 

At EVIDENS, we take care to introduce children to the topic of oral health in a very gentle and playful manner. We explain to our young patients, calmly and with empathy, what is important in care for their own teeth and how we clean and treat their teeth.

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Our service for the long-term health of children’s teeth:

  • Conservative dentistry
  • Emergency treatment
  • School dentist services
  • Therapeutic hypnosis procedures
  • Treatment with nitrous oxide (laughing gas)
  • Treatment with general anaesthetic
  • Oral surgery
  • Dental transplants
Paediatric dentistry

Diagnostics & oral pathology – for a holistic treatment.

At EVIDENS, we will never treat you without having precisely planned your individual care in advance with a holistic, comprehensive diagnosis. We carry this out in a structured manner and use the advantages of modern technology. 

Whether you need a 3D X-ray diagnosis, optical 3D scans or micro-biological tests: our diagnostic options at EVIDENS combine innovative methods with proven procedures.

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Our services for a precise diagnosis:

  • 3D X-ray/ DVT
  • Intra-oral 3D scanner
  • Digital panoramic X-ray
  • Diagnosis of the oral mucous membrane and the jawbone
  • Micro-biological tests

Phobic patients – for gentle and safe treatment.

It’s well-known that not everyone likes going to the dentist. However, for many people a visit to the dentist is not just accompanied by unpleasant feelings, but by serious fears. In our practice, we take patients who suffer fear of treatment …

or pain very seriously. We not only offer them the option of discussing their anxiety with us quite openly, but also guarantee that with modern anaesthetics, such as for example gentle sedation with nitrous oxide or therapeutic hypnosis procedures, they can have a completely relaxed treatment.

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Our services for phobic patients:

  • Treatment with local anaesthetics
  • Therapeutic hypnosis procedures
  • Light sedation
  • Nitrous oxide sedation
  • Analgo-sedation
  • General anaesthesia
  • Working together with a leading anaesthesia team

Tooth straightening – for straight & healthy teeth.

Together with leading orthodontists, we can ensure that teeth are not only healthy, but also straight. There are numerous dental and orthodontic options available for us to use to achieve this. 

Among them are for example invisible braces and also removable or fixed devices individually made and adjusted for you. For a firm bite and straight teeth with a natural aesthetic appeal!

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Our services for straight and healthy teeth:

  • Invisible dental splints/aligners
  • Removable braces
  • Fixed braces/devices
  • Orthodontic anchorage (implants, plates, screws)

Dental hygiene – for long-term oral health.

Good preventive care is the best foundation for having no problems with your oral health at a later date. Our team of professional dental hygienists will perform a comprehensive and very thorough dental cleaning, … 

which will efficiently provide long-term protection from tooth decay and periodontal disease. We will remove stains or discolouration and give both children and adults helpful instructions on tooth cleaning and maintaining oral health.

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Our services for clean and flawless teeth:

  • Dental cleaning/removal of stains
  • Preventive care for protection against tooth decay, periodontitis and periimplantitis
  • Dental fluoridation
  • Oral hygiene instruction

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Our prices – fair
and transparent.

In the following, you will find specific information on the prices of some of our diagnostic services, so that you have a transparent framework of costs for planning your treatment. Contact us for prices of further treatments – we would be happy for you to contact us personally for a non-binding estimate of costs. We would also be happy to make an individual offer for your situation and will advise you in detail on your treatment and the various payment terms.



Examination of new patients
(including two tooth decay monitoring

approx. CHF 150

Panoramic X-ray

approx. CHF 190

3D X-ray diagnosis (DVT)

approx. CHF 360

Our prices are based on the Swiss SSO tariff point system with a tariff point value of: CHF 1.00 – 1.30. You can find information on the tariff system here on the home page of the Swiss Dental Association SSO.

Do you have a dental
emergency? We are here for you.

In cases of emergency, you can contact us:

By phone
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If you cannot reach us, you can contact the dental emergency service for SSO Ticino on 0840 505 505 at any time.