Dental treatment under general or partial anaesthesia

In dentistry, it can sometimes be useful to carry our certain procedures under anaesthetic. This enables us to exclude pain during the operation and to carry out very complex procedures in a single session. General or partial anaesthesia can be used with all types of patients, both with children and with adults as well as older people. Treatment with anaesthesia may also be a reasonable solution for patients who are very phobic when it comes to dental procedures. Because of its cooperation with Hospita Suisse, Evidens is able to rely on the expertise of an experienced, highly qualified team.

Hospita Suisse is an organisation recognised by the Ticino Council of State, which – observing the cantonal and federal regulations – is active in outpatient and inpatient areas and also provides medical services for hospitalised patients in the clinics of Ars Medica in Gravesano and Sant'Anna in Sorengo.

The Hospita Suisse team active at Evidens consists of FMH specialised professional anaesthetists, supported by carers specialised in the fields of anaesthesia, intensive care and emergency medicine.

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